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Welcome to Our School!



Welcome back!  We are excited to see everyone and look forward to another #CBAwesome year!


Please see below for first day procedures.  If you are unsure of your child’s teacher, please ask one of the staff (wearing an orange vest) who will be outside before school begins. We will be happy to help you.


Primary Classes

Please meet your teacher in the gym at the 9:15 bell.

Gr. 1 – Mrs. Ten Westeneind

Gr. 1 – Mrs. McKinlay

Gr. 1 – Ms. McDonald

Gr. 1 – Mrs. Mazzocchi

Gr. 1/2 – Mrs. Kolar

Gr. 2 – Ms. Cunningham

Gr. 2 – Ms. McKone

Gr. 2 – Mrs. O’Brien

Gr. 2/3 – Mr. Searle

Gr. 3 – Ms. MacNeill (formerly Ms. Bond’s class)

Gr. 3 – Ms. McAllister

Gr. 3 – Mrs. Stirrat (née Miss. Purves)

Gr. 3 – Ms. Young



Please meet teacher outside your portable at the 9:15 bell.

Gr. 4 – Mrs. Hepburn (Portable 1)

Gr. 4 – Ms. Bogaard (Portable 2)


Junior Classes

Please meet your teacher upstairs in the library at the 9:15 bell.

Gr. 4 – Mrs. Coones

Gr. 4/5 – Ms. Ellenor

Gr. 5 – Mr. McElwain

Gr. 5 – Ms. Alderson

Gr. 5 – Ms. Deratnay

Gr. 6 – Ms. McNamara

Gr. 6 – Mr. Zmozynski

Gr. 6 – Ms. Page


Kindergarten Classes

Please meet your teacher and Early Childhood Educator in the classroom at the 9:15 bell.

Ms. Bebbington & Mrs. Miller (ECE) – Room 119

Ms. Chalmers & Mrs. Ballach (ECE) – Room 132

Ms. Osborne & Ms. Laurin (ECE) – Room 137

Ms. Maxwell (formerly Mrs. Munro’s class) & Ms. Henning (ECE) - Room 143

Mrs. Delaney (formerly Ms. Matheson’s class) and Mrs. Goldman (ECE) - Room 146

Mrs. Lefebvre & Ms. Frattura (ECE) - Room 154

Mrs. Curtis (née Miss. Metcalf) & Mrs. Tierney (ECE) - Room 157

Mr. Riley & Ms. Clark (ECE) - Room 159

*Please note that all Year 2 Kindergarten students begin school on September 6th*


Welcome to Charles Bowman Public School. Our school is a vibrant and diverse community of over 700 students and 61 staff. Our students are active participants in learning and in a variety of extra-curriular activities throughout the year.  


Our staff regularly engage in professional learning and share their time and energy supporting students' social, emotional and academic growth in varied ways.  We are grateful for the strong parent and community involvement in our school and appreciate these partnerships.  


Edsby is our primary communication tool for families with students in our school.  This website features highlights from information that is posted in more detail within Edsby.  Please feel free to contact us with your ideas and questions.



Jacqueline Fehr


Peri Dowsley 



Key Information

Key Information




195 Bons Avenue

Bowmanville, ON

L1C 0L3

Please use the following link from Sick Kids for more information about peanut allergies

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2018-09-13 21:34:11

Charles Bowman Spirit Wear

Parent Council are happy to offer spirit wear this year to help our community show their bulldog pride! This is our fall fundraiser, and ...

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2018-07-04 17:35:22

New system for reporting student absences

New Phone Number, Web Address, Phone App Coming for Reporting AbsencesAt KPR, student safety is our highest priority, and we thank families ...

...



2018-08-15 18:39:09

Bus safety program for young students Aug. 24-25

FREE FIRST RIDER PROGRAM TEACHES SAFETY TO YOUNG, FIRST TIME RIDERS The First Rider program for young students who will be riding a school ...

...



2018-09-24 15:14:21

Register now for Free KPR Parent Conference Octobe

Registration is now open for KPR’s free, annual Parent Conference. Registration continues until October 12 at for: 2018 ...

...



2018-10-03 18:44:10

EdTechTeam Summit at Bowmanville HS

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Second EdTechTeam Kawartha Summit Hosted by Bowmanville High School On November 17 and 18, ...

...



2018-10-11 19:57:59

Wanted: Parent Involvement Committee members


...



2018-10-16 14:07:57

Cannabis and schools

Many parents and guardians have been wondering what effect the legalization of marijuana will have on KPR schools. In short, KPR schools ...

...


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